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Dear Mr Beedle and Mr Hill

LONDON. Andres Lokko, 43, ”The new Leonard Cohen from Stockholm”

David Hill (musician and businessman)

David Hill (musician and businessman)

Ashley Beedle - DJ, producer and remixer

Ashley Beedle - DJ, producer and remixer

STOCKHOLM. – Dear Ashley and David, thanks for the memories and for all you have done for ABBA, Cardigans, Roxette and The Strindburgs.

Without your aid and London town, what would have become of them? Straight to the point. The Old Gothic Club ask for your help. It conserns your swedish friend, the lovepoet and singandsongwriter

Andres Lokko

How can we help him? What is the problem?

Ashley Beedle, with all the flow of black soul and funk in your weins, and you David Hill, one of the few intellectual globetrotters & musical genius left i Europa, please help us to help your friend. He needs a guideline how to become a real and honest artist like you two guys.

The OGC believe Andres Lokko has a Sex & Romance Relationship Problem. In plain language we call it ”Knullproblem” (KP) in swedish. He looks so old and gray these days, and he seems a little bit bitter and menatally undone. Why do we have to read som much rubbish, trash and garbage from his pen? London influence? My grandmother was vomiting on the newspaper the other day when she red thisjunk.

Well. Love or religion or what can help him? For you guys from London, maby this video seems a little bit oldfashion and rustic, but remeber, it is Only a method, not a Final Answer:

Ref: David and Ashley and Andres


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16 oktober, 2010 den 10:57

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