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Den sällskapssjuke enslingen: Mohammed Merah

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30 mars, 2012 den 07:55

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  1. Vilken tur för lille Sarkozy att denna ensling med tjugo vänner dök upp. Härligt för honom att få chansen att visa handlingskraft och inte minst en anledning att få fängsla inte bara islamister utan alla och envar som råkar titta på någon internetsida som presidenten anser extrem. Kort sagt,denna president är ett långt mycket större hot mot allas vår frihet än några sketna mord.

    Markus Andersson

    31 mars, 2012 at 00:40

  2. Merah should have been apprehended long time ago in the light of 9/11 act. It is good to see that the terror acts perptrted by these scoundrels are not all conspired by certain undesirable groups as Gotiska club members might think. The thing I like with this opreation is that, when you get the scoundrel pinned down, do not hesitate to neutralize that evil. Western justice system can’t deal with these monsters any more. Had this man been taken alive and faced the justice in France, the court would have been turned as circus arena. Maybe, Swedes should learn from this deadly ncident?

    Sorry for this intrusion. I hope things are OK with all of the cult members as the spring is approaching in the north. Have great day!


    31 mars, 2012 at 17:18

      • Amnesty should have its own country and accept some of the Gitmo prisoners and other known terror thugs and build an ideal country. The problem will be solved forever! Ayman Al Jahiri is looking for a shelter and he could be put at the helm of that Amnesty country?


        31 mars, 2012 at 19:08

        • Menar det va, ska vi överlåta våldsmonopolet till kriminella och terrorister?


          31 mars, 2012 at 21:47

          • Amnesty should start distinguishing between the true political prisoners and terror thugs. Right now, I do not see the clear line between these two groups. It bothers me! Amnesty has made itself a marginal organization with no tooth and support in contrary to what it used to be in 70 and 80’s.. The jihadists have become the main supporters of the organization. World monoploy has alredy gone to these idiots! Try to draw another cartoon and see how you will be forced to migrate further towards the colder north pole.



            1 april, 2012 at 15:26

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